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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Is the Library accessible to everybody?
Yes. The Library can be used by everyone.

2) Is it necessary to register before visiting the Library?
Yes, to register, users must fill in the form which is available online.

3) Are there any registration fees?
Yes, there is a registration fee. The fee is 8,64 PLN.

4) How do I get a Library card?
After registration online. Librarian at the Reading Room is handing out the card. It is valid for 24 months. After expiration, the card may be renewed.

5)  What should I do if I've lost my Library card?
If you have lost your card, you should inform the Library immediately.

6) Is the Library catalogue accessible in the internet?
Yes. The address is

7) Is it possible to borrow books and journals?
The lending rules for Library publications may be found in the Library’s regulations.

8) For how long are my materials stored?
Materials requested from storage will be kept in the reading room for three (3) days from the date ordered.

9) What are the Library hours?
We are open from Monday to Friday 10 AM – 7 PM.

10) What's allowed in the Library and what do I have to store?
You find the information in the Library regulations which are presented at the entrance of the Library. Alternatively they are also available online.

11) Can I use my laptop in the Library?
Yes, you can.

12) Can I connect to the Internet with my laptop?
Yes, you can. We have WiFi network. Password and name of the network will be given to you by our librarian in the Reading Room.

13) Where can I use my cell phone?
You can use your cell phones only outside the Reading Room. The best place is in the main hall of the building.

14) Will the Library copy and send a file to me?
Yes, we will. On the condition that the file  can be sent by e-mail.

15) Will the Library research a topic for me?
We help searching in our databases and references but we strongly recommend to discover publications in our collection by your own, i.e. from our Library catalogue online, which is available in the internet.

16) Can I recommend a book or other materials for the Library to acquire? /How can I suggest a purchase for the Library?
Your suggestion should be directed by e-mail to

17) I lost a book.  Who do I need to contact?
In case of damage or lost Library materials, the reader is obligated to provide the Library with another copy of the damaged item, another approved item or a relevant payment. Please contact with librarian at the Reading Room.

18) How do I get to the Library?
There are different bus lines which bring you very close to the Library. Alternatively you can come by bike as nearby is a Veturillo bike station.

19) Can I donate books or other materials to the Library?
Yes. You can. We place donators name and information about donated publications on our website. For more information please contact by e-mail

20) Are there public access computers in the Library that I can use?
Yes, there are.

21) Where can I check my email in the Library?
You can check your emails on the public access computer in the Library.

22) Are there printers available in the Library?
Yes. There is a photocopy/printer in the reference room.

23) How and where can I make copies in the Library?
Upon request, the Library prepares paid photocopies, computer printouts, electronic and digital copies of its collection items.
Requests should be submitted to: biblioteka@pism.pl.

  • Opening Hours
    Monday - Friday
    10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

    Address: Warecka 1A, 00-950 Warszawa
    Phone +48 22 556-8044, biblioteka@pism.pl
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  • PISM Digital Library
  • Sections in open access
  • Rules of Library Use
    • The library offers open access to the public.
    • Access to the library’s holdings is available with a valid library user card.
    • To register, readers must fill in the form available with the online catalogue.
    • Registration includes a fee.
    • The user card is valid for 24 months. After expiration, the card may be renewed.
    • In the card is lost, the user must inform the library promptly.
    • The lending rules for library publications may be found in the library’s regulations
    • Access to the reference library, newspapers, magazines and materials borrowed from other libraries based on an interlibrary loan is possible only from the reading room.
    • Readers who wish to use materials kept in storage should place an order using the online catalogue
    • During a single visit to the reading room each reader may use up to six storeroom volumes.
    • Materials requested from storage will be kept in the reading room for seven (7) days from the date ordered.
    • In case of damage or lost library materials, the reader is obligated to provide the library with another copy of the damaged item, another approved item or a relevant payment.
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