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    Political Science Complete is a valuable resource in the area of world politics and globalisation, especially: international law, comparative politics, political theories, international relations, humanitarian aid and non-governmental organizations. It contains approximately 700 magazines and abstracts of over 1580 articles, including many prestigious scientific periodicals available on-line only in this database. This collection provides full-text access to over 330 encyclopedias and monographs and more than 47 000 conference materials published, by: Political Science Association, International Studies Association, Institute for European Studies, and many others. The database has a specialised thesaurus that contains over 27 000 terms which allows for more precise research.

    Additional information: https://www.ebscohost.com/academic/political-science-complete

    URL http://tiny.pl/gfxbn



    New books are available in the reading room located in the free access area.

    As of 24 February 24 2017 the PISM Library provides free access to books published from 2015. Due to this we have rearranged sections of the reading room shelves (see table below). New books will be added at the end of each particular section and will be sorted by item number.

    We would also like to let our readers know that it is now also possible to order books from the reading room on-line prior to visiting the library.

    Table. Sections of the Reading Room
    A Wydawnictwa informacyjne [nie wypożycza się] Reference Books [not for loan]
    B Nauki polityczne Political Sciences
    C Stosunki międzynarodowe International Relations
    D1 Ameryka Północna North America
    D2 Ameryka Łacińska Latin America
    D3 Afryka Africa
    D4 Europa Europe
    D4.1 Unia Europejska European Union
    D4.2 Polska Poland
    D5 Azja Asia
    D5.1 Bliski i Środkowy Wschód Near and Middle East
    D6 Australia i Oceania Australia and Oceania
    E Bezpieczeństwo międzynarodowe International Security
    F Prawo międzynarodowe International Law
    G Organizacje międzynarodowe International Organizations
    H Gospodarka światowa World Economy
    I Wydawnictwa statystyczne Statistical Books
    P Wydawnictwa PISM Published by PISM



    Taylor & Francis in PISM



    On 1st of January 2017 the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) acquired annual online access to two collections of Taylor & Francis journals:

    Access to database was purchased with 50% grant of Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

    Link to the website http://www.tandfonline.com/


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